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Under the auspices of Toscana Trekking, some touroperators propose day excursions, hiking trips and nature and cultural packages with the services of fully-qualified, licensed hiking guides, members of AGAE, the European association of hiking guides.

Our eco-tourist activities are completely different from traditional tourist packages in that they are aimed at people who enjoy hiking and walks and who prefer to stay in simple and informal accommodation while still maintaining a guarantee of good quality.

Each trip is distinguished by various levels of walking difficulty (which are clearly explained, with easier alternatives in the case of the harder routes). For each route uphill ascents and walking times are specified.

All hiking routes are covered at a relaxed pace (except in unforeseen circumstances) and according to the walking pace of participants. The emphasis of the itineraries is to get to know the surrounding countryside and its history rather than the hiking itself. Walking therefore becomes the means which allows us to discover the human dimension of the places we visit, to establish continuous and valuable exchanges with their inhabitants, and to get to know and understand the nature of these communities in the light of their history and popular traditions. The guide will adopt the role of the islander or mountain dweller, farmer or sailor, be it from Elba, Siena, Pavia or Ponza, and will try to involve participants in his or her enthusiasm for the history and the environment, and in a respectful curiosity for the local inhabitants.

Visits to various places en route and stops along the way are given ample time, in order to create a cultural holiday that is both relaxing and regenerating. A fundamental aim for Toscana Trekking is to create a “group spirit” that goes beyond the holiday itself and may lay the ground for lasting friendships.

Below we describe a number of example programmes. Each one can be tailored to suit group requirements.

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Sud Tuscany and Islands

  1. Hiking in the Tufi and the Colline del Fiora (Fiora hills)(GR)

  2. Hiking on the islands of Giglio and Giannutri

  3. Maremma and the island of Giglio

  4. Hiking on the island of Capraia

  5. Week-end including hiking tours and a squid feast on the island of Capraia

  6. The shooting stars of San Lorenzo on the Island of Capraia

  7. Four-day hike on the Island of Elba

  8. Winter hiking on the island of Elba

  9. Hiking on the islands of Elba and Pianosa

  10. 3 days’ hiking on the island-prison of Pianosa

  11. Val di Cecina and Colline Metallifere


Northern Tuscany and Mountains

12.       Weekend of chestnut gathering and walking at Vagli Lake (Campocatino - LU)

13.       Week end in the Apuane Alps: the Pania della Croce and Foce di Mosceta

14.       5 Day hike in the Apuane Alps (continuous route)

15.       The ‘Parco delle Apuane’ from north to south (continuous route)

16.       Hiking in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines (in the Province of Modena)

17.       Hiking through the three Parks of Gigante, Orecchiella and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines


List of possible daily extensions in Tuscany

Central-Southern Tuscany and the Islands

1.  Le Moie and the old Volterra railway line (Val di Cecina, Livorno)

2.  The Sterza waterfall, Renzano Woods and the serpentine rock flora  (Val di Cecina, Livorno)

3.  Colle Val d’Elsa and the Via Francigena (Provinces of Pisa and Siena)

4.  The legendary Cornate di Gerfalco, Tuscan Dolomites with a sea view (Provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Pisa)

5.  The Windmills at Orciatico and the Mofette at Lajatico

6.  The Rocca di Pietracassia - Lajatico (Province of Pisa)

7.  Le Balze di Certaldo: in search of Fossils

8.  The evocative Diago potholes on the river Egola (Montaione –Florence)

9.  The Anello Montalbano, the Renaissance in the Land of Leonardo (Pistoia)

10.   Volterra Reserve: Strolla Falls and Pieve della Nera parish church

11.   A Day’s Walking on the Island of Capraia

12.   Livornese Hills: the Calvario circular walk and the Colognole aqueduct

13.   Hike through the Livornese Hills – The Chioma Valley

14.   The Miocene Gypsum at Cava Serredi (Livorno Province)

15.   Hike through the hills of Castellina Marittima (Pisa Province)

16.   The Mines of Montecatini Val di Cecina (Pisa Province)

17.   Exploring the Mills and charcoal pits between  Castagneto Carducci and Sassetta

18.   The Island of Pianosa

19.   Eastern Elba: the Mines at Rio Marina

20.   The Rocca di S. Silvestro and the Temperino Mine

21.   Hike to the ruins of the Convent of Monte Muro (Grosseto Province)

22.   The splendid Nature Reserve of the Farma River  (Chiusdino, Province of Siena)

23.   The Abbey of San Galgano in the Valley of the river Merse (Province of Siena)

24.   Indian Summer at Cala Violina, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy (Province of Grosseto)

25.       Birdwatching at the Mouth of the Ombrone River

26.       Hike around the Towers in the Parco dell’Uccellina  (Province of Grosseto)

Northern Tuscany and the Mountains

27.   Apuane Alps: the Antro Cave and Ascent of Mt. Corchia

28.   Apuane Streams: the Candalla Cavities and the Lombricese Factories

29.   Apuane Alps: Mt. Forato

30.   Climbing Mt. Gabberi, the “Balcony” over the Apuane Alps

31.   The Grotta all’Onda Cave (Camaiore – Province of Lucca)

32.   Apuane Alps: from Pruno to Foce di Mosceta

33.   Mt. Tambura and the Apuane Marble Quarries (Carrara, Province of Massa)

34.   Through the Chestnut Woods of the Monti Pisani: The Mirteto Hermitage

35.   Monti Pisani: The Circular Route to the 2 Springs (Buti –Province of Pisa)

36.   Cycling to the Calci Valley (Pisa)

37.   Cycling from Pisa to the Lake of Massaciuccoli

38.   Walk from Calci to the Verruca Fort - Pisa

Daily Extensions from Elba

1.  The Island of Pianosa from Elba

2.  A day’s hike on the Island of Capraia

3.  Visit to the Ginevro underground Mine

4.  Excursion on a glass-bottomed boat


Outside Tuscany

1. Hiking in the ‘Oltrepò Pavese’ region: where the Alps meet the Apennines

2. Hiking in the Pontine Islands

3. Hiking-Tour of Corsica

4. Salsomaggiore, the historic Spas and the Riverside Park of Stirone (Province of Parma)

5. Weekend at Bardi Castle, walking in the Ceno Valley (Province of Parma)


 PDF catalogue (incoming completo inglese)

In queste pagine potrete trovare spunti per le vostre vacanze; scriveteci dove volete andare e quando volete partire ed organizzeremo insieme l'itinerario su misura per voi, con i compagni di viaggio che preferite e nelle date ideali. Tutti i viaggi saranno organizzati con il supporto tecnico di vari tour operators. Molte delle proposte che vi troverete saranno messe comunque in calendario nella prossima stagione. 

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